About the REALIA Project


The goal of the REALIA Project is to develop and implement a searchable digitized media database which will provide instructors of modern languages with teaching resources accessible via the Web. REALIA will publish royalty-free, faculty-reviewed media for scholars and students, and be open to all disciplines that wish to contribute or use cultural materials appropriate for instruction at the college and secondary level. The REALIA Project seeks to increase through collaboration the quantity of high-quality teaching and learning materials by providing a respected venue for media projects that otherwise might not be shared or published. To learn more, consult the REALIA Project White Paper or view our Exemplary Images.

What is Distinctive about the REALIA Project?

  • Focus on daily culture. View our exemplary images
  • Royalty-free for use by the educational community.
  • Designed with pedagogy in mind.
  • Faculty-reviewed prior to acceptance and publication.
  • Collaborative, with contributions from across consortia.
  • Both students and faculty are involved in creating and researching media projects.
  • Ability to compare sets of images and create custom galleries.
  • Ability to export images for self-published webpages or PowerPoint presentations.


The REALIA Project depends on the contribution of many different people, including faculty, librarians, IT Staff many of whom are from liberal arts colleges belonging to the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, Associated Colleges of the South, Great Lakes Colleges Association. The REALIA Project welcomes the participation from others who are interested in openly sharing digital resources that support the teaching of modern languages and cultures. Please contact us at: info@realiaproject.org.