The initial finding came from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Woodruff Foundation. The National Endowment for the Humanities has also generously supported this initiative.

Consortia Support

National Institute for Technology and Liberal education

Associated Colleges of the South

Associated Colleges of the Midwest

Great Lakes Colleges Association

Special thanks to

Maciej Ceglowski (formerly of the Center for Instructional Technology)

Deena Berg (formerly of ACS)

Suzanne Bonefas (formerly of ACS)

Ross Scaife, James Madison University

Tina Updike, James Madison University

The brainstormers who suggested the project in 2001: Glenda Carl (Southwestern University), Pat Pecoy (Furman University), Dick Kuettner (Washington and Lee University), Peter Jannsens (Davidson College), Merchell Belinfanti (Morehouse College), Claudia Ferman (University of Richmond), and Kim Thomas (Birmingham-Southern College).

The task force teams who developed the mission statement, task lists, and searched for the start-up managing board members: Helen Scott (Grinnell College), Arlene Forman (Oberlin College), Kathy Koberstein (Washington and Lee University), Leland Guyer (Macalester College), Pat Zody (Beloit College), Donna Oliver (Beloit College), Gail Buzhardt (Millsaps College), Damian Hinojosa, (Southwestern University).


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