The REALIA Project--Content Management

Source of Information Content Responsibility Content Management
Title Contributor A brief title for the image.
Realia Type Metadata cataloger Select LCSH terms from predefined list
Description Contributor Description of the image; free text (cf. OASIS Data Input Guide)
Pedagogical Applications Contributor How image or file may be used in teaching; free text (cf. OASIS Data Input Guide)
LC Subject Metadata cataloger Use LCSH; do not subdivide geographically; use the "Spatial terms" field for LC geographical terms
Geographic Location Metadata cataloger Use Library of Congress authorities (; if this is not accessible use: GNIS: Geographic Names Information System (US and Territories; also link for Antarctica)   OR   GEOnet Names Server (worldwide excluding the United States and Antarctica); REALIA still needs to propose some guidelines concerning the layers of geographic hierarchy that are relevant to useful retrievals.
Vernacular Title Contributor Brief non-English language title; use Unicode fonts
Contributor Set Name Contributor Brief descriptive title for a colletion
Time Period Metadata Cataloger Examples: 21st Century; 20th Century....11th Century; and Before 1000
Photographer Contributor LC Name Authority format
Publisher Metadata cataloger Constant   REALIA copyright statement added to all items
Other Name Contributor; Metadata cataloger LC Name Authority format; include contributor if not already listed as photographer; include institution with which contributor is affliated
Source of Information Content Responsibility Content Management
Date Contributor Date of original image capture; yyyy-mm-dd format
Resource Type Metadata cataloger Use Dublin Core Types (cf.
Format Metadata cataloger Use MIME Type (cf.
Media Source Metadata cataloger Brief description of source of image. Follow NISO Z39.87
Language Metadata cataloger Predominant language of this metadata record-- usually English; If fields are be duplicated in the vernacular add that language, e.g."en; ru" for records with English and Russian data.   Follow ISO 639
References Contributor MLA format citation; contributors may want to associate book or journal article with an image.
Time Span Details Metadata cataloger Phase out in favor of time period.
Copyright Statement Collection administrator/template Current standard text for REALIA Project: Materials may be used for educational, non-commercial purposes only. Acknowledgement to be given to The REALIA Project and the photographer. Photographer retains copyright.
Vernacular Description Contributor Non-English language description; use Unicode fonts
Target Language Collection administrator/template Use LSCH name of language without appending term "language", e.g. English; French; Russian
Source of Information Content Responsibility Content Management
Getty Record
Metadata cataloger or assistant Record number of associated Thesaurus of Geographic Names entry.
Digital Capture Date Collection administrator/template Date digital file created for use in REALIA; if different from original capture date; yyyy-mm-dd format.
Contributor Filename Contributor Contributor's filename, as submitted to REALIA.   Will not display in REALIA database.
Input Code Collection administrator/template Used for collection managers/metadata catalogers to search out a particular load of files; format: [contributor initials][yyyymmdd][sequence number]; e.g. ab200307312
Record Status Collection administrator Provisional or Accepted
Multi-View Note Contributor; Metadata cataloger Use to link groups of images that only need 1 general description images; i.e. front view/back view of single building or monument; a series of images of "riding the metro", etc. indicate brief titles individual images may have separate short titles, but all the other cataloging data should be the same of all "views" (cf. title "Zucaritas" in   Format: [initials][sequence number]; brief title: ....


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