Contribute your Images to the REALIA Project

The REALIA Project focuses on images useful in the teaching of modern languages and cultures.

Our current target languages are Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, but we will consider submissions in other less commonly taught languages. Cultural content is The REALIA Project's highest priority. Photographic quality, while important, is secondary to pedagogical value, which is the primary selection criterion for each foreign language editorial board.

How to Submit Materials

The process of submitting images and working on image descriptions is entirely web-based and is quite simple.

The first step to contributing: if you have images you would like to contribute, contact the REALIA Project at Some important criteria for submitting are:

  • You must own the images, i.e., they are not copyrighted by another party. You will retain the rights to all images you submit to the database. (See our copyright release form.)
  • Images should be in JPEG or TIFF format, and 1200 x 1600 pixels in size or larger
  • You should be willing to annotate and describe these images according to the categories of the project (e.g. "Title", "Description", "Pedagogial Uses/Applications", and others)
  • The project prefers contributions of 20 or more images. 

A a more detailed Guide to REALIA Images is also available.

Student Contributions to the REALIA Project

Students can play an important role in building the REALIA Project collections. We encourage faculty to make a REALIA Project assignment to students returning from study abroad to document some aspect of their cultural or linguistic experience. You may also want to make an image/documentation assignment prior to the student's departure. When travelling with groups of students during academic breaks, several individual photography assignments might be assigned to capture a range of the experiences.

Student projects are often limited in scope (10-20 diverse, but thematically related images). It is highly advisable that students document the images in the field so that useful and accurate descriptive information can be added to our database. Our guide, Recording Image Data for Student Contributions to the REALIA Project (available as an MSWord or Adobe PDF file) lists the type of information needed.

When a faculty member has reviewed a potential student submission, the regular submission procedures described above can be followed.

Links for Contributors

Are you a current contributor? If so you can access the Oasis contributions system.

Descriptive fields used for REALIA images (Metadata)

The resources below provide detailed technical documentation of how REALIA images are described.